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The most northern part of Madagascar bathed by the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel Diego Suarez has a bay of 160 km of winding coast that opens onto the ocean with a pass of a width of 1 km.

Archipelago of NOSY HARA

This marine park, located in the Mozambique Channel, presents a set of islands or rather rocky castles dotted with idyllic sandy beaches.


The granitic walls of Tsaranoro dominate from their 800 m high a wide valley populated by Betsileo villages surrounded by rice paddies. A river with large basins suitable for swimming completes this postcard landscape.


From the highlands to the west coast, a descent by canoe along a river running through deep gorges to finish near these incredible Tsingy de Bemaraha.

Canal of the PANGALANES

From Tamatave to Farafangana this aquatic ribbon, bordered by lush vegetation, connects lagoons and rivers for 700 km along the Indian Ocean on the west coast.

The RN 7 a national road not like the others

From Tananarive (the highlands) to Tulear (the Mozambique Channel coast) an incredible diversity of scenery along an asphalt road crowded with bush taxi, bicycle, trolley with wheels and colorful displays of fruit and vegetables.

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